OMA School on Monte Carlo Simulations

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OMA School on Monte Carlo Simulations
Participants of the OMA School on Monte Carlo Simulations

The second scientific school of the Optimization of Medical Accelerators Project (OMA) coordinated by the University of Liverpool took place at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, between 6th and 10th November.

The school programme was delivered by international experts from institutions including CERN, LMU Munich and University of Barcelona. It covered the fundamentals of Monte Carlo simulations and combined lectures with hands-on training. School participants were familiarized with Monte Carlo on the specific examples of FLUKA, PENELOPE and GEANT4 codes throughout the week.

The event brought together fellows from two Liverpool-coordinated networks: OMA and Liv.Dat, providing opportunities for networking between major training initiatives.

OMA School on Monte Carlo Simulations is part of an international training programme delivered within the OMA project. The Optimization of Medical Accelerators is the aim of this European Training Network. The project joins universities, research centres and hadron therapy facilities with industry partners to address the challenges in treatment facility design and optimization, numerical simulations for the development of advanced treatment schemes, and in beam imaging and treatment monitoring. The network consists of an international consortium of more than 35 partner organizations and provides a wide ranging training programme comprising schools and workshops.