Contact: Roland Höfling

ViALUX GmbH is a privately held company with a worldwide network of representatives. The ViALUX team has long-term experience in optics, image processing, and optoelectronics. Knowledge and skills of a highly qualified team of engineers is the source of product innovations at the cutting edge of technology. A network of distributors covers the industrial areas in Asia, America, and Europe providing local service. Exporting more than 80% of its annual production ViALUX is proud to serve customers worldwide.

ViALUX develops, produces, and distributes electro-optical components and optical measurement systems for 3D-shape and deformation analysis. ViALUX products are successfully sold into different markets: automotive industry, steel industry, machinevision industry, life science, medicine, and research & development. ViALUX is an authorized DLP® Design House of Texas Instruments supporting customers in various high-performance industrial applications of the DLP micro-mirror device. One of such DLP applications is 3D scanning where ViALUX itself has developed high competence for specific medical 3D applications.

ViALUX engineers work on sustained product development along customer needs. Combining advanced optoelectronics with outstanding metrology software forms the core competence and is the key to company’s success.