University of Santiago de Compostela

Contact: Jose Benlliure 

Located in a World Heritage city, the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) traces its roots back to 1495. This institution maintains one of the most important academic traditions in Europe, being today a modern university committed with societal progress through the highest quality standards in academic and research activities. The university ranks 5th in Spain’s best universities ranking.

The USC offers 48 official degrees, 71 master’s degrees and a significant number of doctoral programs covering almost any branch of knowledge. It is made of around 30000 students, 350 professors, 1900 lectures. 300 research groups and 12 research institutes generate a highly recognized research activity.

The Laser Laboratory for Acceleration and Applications (L2A2) at the University of Santiago de Compostela is a new infrastructure for the investigation of laser-plasma particle acceleration and the use of this new technology in several fields of application. In particular, L2A2 will focus its research program in developing alternative technologies for the production of medical radiotracers using laser-plasma accelerated beams of protons and ions. Another field of interest is advanced tomographic techniques using laser-plasma generated X-rays.