University of Salamanca

Contact: Enrique Conejero Jarque 

Founded in 1218, the University of Salamanca is a well-recognized Spanish academic institution. It offers a wide range of studies to about 35,000 students, 4000 of which are international students, and it contracts 2,500 researchers and lecturers. The graduate and post-graduate programmes cover the diverse fields of knowledge, including Physics and Medical Science. The University is partner in a variety of international research projects, including several ITN Actions, and has collaborations with many institutions in Europe and all over the world.

Researchers from the Research Group on Laser Applications and Photonics (ALF-USAL) have been involved in projects dealing with applications of laser-driven ion beams in hadron-therapy and with the generation and optimisation of X-ray sources in laser-plasma interaction. Our research deals also with the generation of coherent X-ray sources with ultrashort laser pulses. These sources can be useful for radiation therapy in the future.

Researchers from the Nuclear Physics Group are interested in laser-driven sources and their application to radiation therapy, as well as radiation protection of these specific sources. They have expertise in the use of Monte Carlo propagation codes like FLUKA.

The Faculty of Medical Science has a strong link with the University Hospital, the main hospital in Salamanca, which has a radiation oncology unit.