INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

Contact: Giuseppe Battistoni

INFN is the Italian research public institution devoted to nuclear physics, particle and astro-particle physics and their applications. In 2002 the Laboratories of Catania started the first Italian experience in hadron therapy, developing a facility for eye treatment (CATANA). INFN has collaborated on the construction and commissioning of the accelerator for the Italian hadron therapy center in Pavia (CNAO). INFN and CNAO continue to coordinate research programs of mutual interest on hadron therapy together.

INFN runs 4 national laboratories. Three are sites running and developing accelerators. Among the others there are specific projects for hadron therapy. INFN also runs laboratories for the development of detection techniques. INFN   has   unique   and   certainly   largely   sufficient   infrastructure,   specialized equipment and experienced personnel for training young researchers. INFN activity is deeply connected to that of Italian Universities and other academic Institutions. This ensures that the young researchers have the possibility to gain diplomas or PhD theses and learn more about research methods before going out to industry, to other nuclear installations or to the health-related field.