NeST Projects

All the projects listed here were definitely helped by the NeST team and have Networks as their main Research Theme (or part of their Theme).

  • EPSRC grant on “Algorithmic Aspects of Temporal Graphs” £800K – 2017-2020. Started on May 2017. (Professor Paul Spirakis - joint with Durham)
  • EPSRC grant on “Context Aware network architectures for Sending Multiple Senses (CASMS)” approx. £1.6M – 2016-2020. Started end of 2016. (Prof Alan Marshall - joint with UCL)
  • EPSRC grant to support the "UK Network Algorithms-UK" approx. £100K. The Network was approved in June 2017. Apart from core research activities of this network, Liverpool will be responsible for contact with industry and leadership in interdisciplinary studies, solely due to availability of NeST which is a unique in UK algorithms community venture for this type of contacts. The leader of the project in Liverpool is Professor Leszek Gąsieniec, and the local deputies are Professor Paul Spirakis and Professor Prudence Wong.
  • KTP project with Inprova Ltd on predictive data analytics in procurement approx. £200K – 2016-2018. (Prof Leszek Gasieniec - with Prof Piotr Krysta)