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MEFEPO - Advisory Committee

The MEFEPO project has sought the active guidance of an Advisory Committee to ensure that its work is of direct relevance to the end user and to improve the quality of its products through a peer review process. This committee also assists the project’s dissemination through the institutional framework used to manage the fisheries.

Name Expertise


Dr Ellen Kenchington (Committee Chair) Dr Kenchington is a Benthic Ecologist/Molecular Geneticist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography with Fisheries and Oceans, Canada  


Sean O'Donoghue

Mr O'Donoghue is an IPSG member, Chairman of the Federation of Irish Fishermen and Chief Executive of the Killybegs Fishermen's Organisation    
Euan Dunn Mr Dunn is Head of Marine Policy at RSPB and a member of the North Sea RAC    

Peter Gullestad

Mr Gullestad is the Director of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and a vice-president of ICES.


Benoît Guérin

Mr Guérin is the Secretary General of the South Western Waters Regional Advisory Council