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Stakeholder Workshop - Haarlem, April 2011

A Stakeholder Workshop was held in Haarlem, The Netherlands on 5th and 6th April 2011.  The Workshop addressed the following:

Three operational challenges to introducing an ecosystem approach to the fisheries has been identified by the MEFEPO project: governance structure, regionalisation and knowledge base.  The aim of the workshop was for experts and stakeholders to examine these challenges and identify what is required to best address them.  Key questions include:   

  1. Governance: who is in the system, who is outside the system, how are decisions taken, how does governance structure affect the management system and vice versa?
  2. Regionalisation: how can regionalisation be operationalised and how will it affect the management system?
  3. Knowledge base: which information do we need and/or do we have? If the system changes does the knowledge base also need to change?