Photo of Mr Brian Thompson

Mr Brian Thompson LL.B, M.Litt .

Senior Lecturer Law


    Personal Statement

    Brian has taught at Liverpool following undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Belfast and Oxford. He is a member of the Administrative Justice Committee and its Academic Panel. Previously he was a member of its predecessors the Administrative Justice Forum and the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council. He was a member of the Tribunal Procedure Committee which makes procedural rules for tribunals and was an adviser to the Northern Ireland Ombudsman including the development of policy on reform which led to new legislation. He has previously advised or been consulted by various public bodies including the North West Constitutional Convention, the Royal Commission on Reform of the House of Lords and government departments and parliamentary select committees in all of the UK's jurisdictions, particularly on issues of administrative justice.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Invited speaker (European Region of International Ombudsman Institute 2011)
    • to contribute to Symposium onTribunal Justice (Invitation to Speak, Free Representation Unit 2010)
    • Address biennial conference (Invitation to Speak, British & Irish Ombudsman Association 2009)
    • Special Seminar (Invitation to Speak, The UK's Public Services Ombudsmen 2009)
    • Special Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council 2009)

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