VPN - Virtual Private Network

A VPN service is available for university staff/students to connect to the University network.

The VPN enables a secure, encrypted connection to the University network over your off-campus internet connection, aloowing you to access those services which are not normally available off campus. 

The VPN is not required for all services, only for specific services that are not otherwise available when working off campus, such as Banner and Terminal Four. You do not need VPN to access your university email.

The VPN does not provide you with an interface, or desktop view, it simply ensures that your internet connection is secure whilst you access the university service you require. Once you connect the VPN, use the relevant software to carry out your task, e.g. the web browser on your home computer to navigate and log in to Terminal Four. 


To find out more, consult the following articles available from the knowledge base in the self-service portal: