Software downloads

Where licensing allows, we aim to provide staff and students with the ability to install software on personal computers (those which are NOT running the Managed Windows Service), or to use applications via Apps Anywhere. 

Software available for your personal home computer

If an application you require is not available from the portal, or in the list below, or you wish to install software on a MWS PC which is not available via Install University Applications, contact the IT Service Desk.


Adobe Reader

What: Viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents.

How: Free to download from vendor website.



ChemDraw Professional

What: Chemical drawing software.

How: ChemDraw is available on the Managed Windows Service (MWS). If you require a personal copy for your own computer, you can register via the supplier's portal.




What: FTP utility that enables file transfers between your PC and a remote web server.

How: Free to download from vendor website.




What: Systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.

How: Can only be installed on University-owned computers. Staff must create an account with the supplier to retrieve the software media.

Where: Request access through our self-service portal



What: MATLAB is a computing environment and programming language.

How: MATLAB (with 51 MATLAB toolboxes) is available on the Managed Windows Service (MWS). If you are a student and require a personal copy for your own computer, you will need to create an account on the Mathworks UK web-site using your Liverpool e-mail address as your username. You will then need to follow the steps in the guidance to associate your Mathworks account with the University's MATLAB licence. 



MWS installer

What: The University's Managed Windows Service (MWS).

How: Free to download from Install University Applications.

Where: Via Install University Applications > Utilities > MWS Installer Boot Media


What: NVivo is qualitative analysis software.

How: NVivo is available on the Managed Windows Service (MWS). If you require a personal copy for your own computer, you are entitled to download it from the provider and use the University of Liverpool license code.

Where: To install the software, please follow the two-stage process:

1. Obtain the software through the links below, depending on your device

NVivo 12 for Windows 64-bit
NVivo 12 for Windows 32-bit
NVivo 12 for Mac

2. License the software (login with your MWS username and password)



What: Statistical analysis software.

How: Free via Install University Applications or on Teaching Centre PCs.

Where: On any MWS PC, or any PC in any Teaching Centres on campus. 


Sophos Antivirus

What: Protect your machine from becoming infected by a malicious virus.

How: University-owned computers must install CISCO AMP antivirus. Sophos is availalable for personal computers. Register your university email address via the Sophos Home portal.

Where: Sophos Home portal - register and download Sophos for use on personal computers.



What: Statistics software designed for biomedical, public health, and general health science uses. 

How: A discounted academic rate is available to staff and students who wish to purchase their own copy of StatsDirect from the vendor's website.