How can we help?

Have you decided to buy a system to carry out some activity, but aren’t sure which would best meet your department’s needs? Are you discussing a policy change which you think will require system support? Are you putting in a research bid which will require major technical changes or support?

The Business Analysis team can work with you to help you understand and define your needs.  We can help you consider how your local requirements feature within the larger context of the University and who else might be impacted by your changes. 

Project Managers can ensure your project is properly established and effectively managed throughout, using professional project management methodologies to provide clear timelines and implementation plans against which to measure progress.

If your requirements include improving existing processes or defining new ones, our Process Improvement Analysts will help you to do this effectively. 

What do we need to know?

  1. What are you hoping to achieve?  - the most important question!
  2. Who benefits from the changes? (Students/staff – which groups or departments?)
  3. When do your changes need to be in place?
  4. Is there anything you are aware of going on in the University or outside that will affect your plan?
  5. Is anyone else affected by your planned changes?
  6. How will we know if your changes have achieved the desired effect?
  7. Which of your requirements are essential and which are desirable? 

This gives you a flavour of the kind of information we will need to support you. But don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all this already! The first part of the process is to start to consider these questions.