About Interchange

Interchange is a registered charity (Charity No:1038129). Our aim is to connect Voluntary and Community Organisations (VCOs) who have research project ideas, work-based learning research project needs or would benefit from a social policy review and students in Higher Education who are looking for social research or social policy review project opportunities.

We have two routes for working together

The Interchange Portfolio – Module SOCI303 (Sept-May)

Gives Students the opportunity to engage in a social research project or a work-based learning project in collaboration with a Voluntary Community Organisation (VCO) from Greater Merseyside.

It offers an opportunity for students to actively participate in ‘shared conversations’ in both the university-based workshops that support the module, and in active collaborations with VCOs.

For further information about Interchange Module SOCI303

The Short Interchange Project – Module SOCI311 (Sept-Jan)

This module gives students the opportunity to examine legislation, social policy or a gap in knowledge pertinent to a Voluntary and Community Organisation.

By working in partnership, the Student will extract the necessary information to enable them to produce a report on how a specific piece of legislation/social policy or a gap in knowledge can be put into action in your organisation.

For further information about Interchange Module SOCI311

Voluntary and Community Organisations will receive a copy of the final report.

For more information, please contact interchange@liverpool.ac.uk