IFAM Seminars and Visitors

2021 Seminars

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DateVisitor and Seminar Title


Runhuan Feng click here

Peer-to-Peer Risk Sharing with an Application of Flood Risk Pooling


Bo Li click here

Click here for the presentation slides:Functional limit theorems for nonstationary marked Hawkes process in the high intensity regime 



Youssef Ouknine click here

Click here for the presentation slides:Doubly reflected backward stochastic differential equations in the predictable setting


Dirk Becherer click here

Optimal trade execution with transient relative price impact and directional views: A 2nd-order variational approach to a 3-dimensional non-convex free boundary problem


Shijie Xu click here

Statistical consisitent term structures are flat



Dario Gasbarra click here

Click here for the presention slides:Characterization of normal product and tetilla law in the second Wiener and Wigner chaoses c



Stephane Villeneuve click here

Linear optimal contracts in a Gaussain world



Jia Wei Lim (Brunel University London)

Exact simulation of Lévy subordinators