Photo of Dr Joseph Neary

Dr Joseph Neary MA, Vet MB, MS, Ph.D., MRCVS

Senior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare Livestock & One Health


Personal Statement

I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2008 with degrees in veterinary medicine and zoology. From 2008 to 2014, I undertook an internship in food animal medicine and surgery, and MS and Ph.D. degrees in the Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University. During this time, I undertook small-group teaching of ruminant medicine and herd health to final-year veterinary students. My doctoral dissertation was focused on the epidemiological, physiological, and genetic risk factors for bovine pulmonary hypertension. I became Assistant Professor of Animal Health and Well-Being, Texas Tech University in 2014. In 2019, I became Senior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare at the University of Liverpool.