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Participating veterinary practices

Here you can find information and resources for those practices who have signed up to EVSNET.

Veterinary practices participating in EVSNET need to ensure they make information about EVSNET available to their clients. This allows clients to find out about the project and decide if they want to take part.

The links below will take you to resources that can be shared, downloaded and printed.

EVSNET-Lite practice information handbook

EVSNET practice summary sheet

EVSNET information for invoices

EVSNET social media text - text can be copied and pasted, and the image below can be saved to your computer

EVSNET collects deidentified data from electronic health records. The team aims to respond to a wide variety of challenges in equine health and welfare and to contribute to evidence-based medicine in equine veterinary practice.

For more information including what to do if you do not wish to take part, visit the EVSNET website

Faded image of horse and rider with text notifying that the practice has joined EVSNET

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