Europe and the Nation State

A Routledge Book Series in association with the EWC

This established book series brings together the commercial expertise of Routledge - one of Britain's leading publishers of books on the European Union - and the Europe in the World Centre (EWC) - a leading European Commission designated Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

The objective of the book series is to explore the complex relationship between nation states and European integration. The series is interested in evaluating aspects relating to the impact of the European Union on the politics and policy-making of the nation state and vice-versa. The book series commissions well designed research-orientated texts in the following broad areas:

  • Texts examining traditional and/or introducing new approaches assessing the impact of European integration on the nation state and welcome proposals dealing with concepts emanating from comparative politics, democratisation literature, European studies and international relations.
  • Works concerning a specific or small group of member states of the European Union and/or those European countries seeking to join the EU in the future.
  • Books focusing on the relationship between the European Union and third countries especially from those areas of the world not traditionally covered in the existing literature.  
  • Cordell, K. (ed.) (2000) Poland and the European Union, ISBN 0-415-23885-4.
  • Kubicek, P. J. (ed.) (2003) The European Union and Democratisation, ISBN 0-415-31136-5.
  • Dimitrakopoulos, D. G. and Passas, A. G. (2004) Greece in the European Union, ISBN 0-415-25811-1.
  • Thorhallsson, B. (ed.) (2004) Iceland and European Integration: On the Edge, ISBN 0-415-28252-7.
  • Ugur, M. and Canefe, N.(eds.) (2004) Turkey and European Integration, ISBN 0-415-32656-7.
  • Archer, C. (2004) Norway and an Integrating Europe, ISBN 0-415-33985-5
  • Drake, H. (ed.) (2005) France in the European Union, ISBN 0-415-30576-4
  • Johnson, D. and Robinson, P. (ed.) (2004) Russia and Europe, ISBN 0-415-33985-5
  • Mouritzen, H. and Wivel, A. (eds.) (2005) Geopolitics of Euro-Atlantic Integration, ISBN 0-415-28280-2   

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