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Prof Peter Goodhew FREng

Emeritus Professor of Engineering School of Engineering


    Research Interest 1

    I am no longer research active. I have always been fascinated by electron microscopy, and most of my professional career involved the application of EM to problems in materials science. I have worked on (inter alia) - The determination of stacking fault energies in metals - The structure of carbon fibres - The behaviour of inert gases in metals - The structure of interfaces, mainly in metals and semiconductors - The microstructure of strained layer III-V compound semiconductors - The growth of GaAs by chemical beam epitaxy - The characterisation of quantum dots. I was also heavily involved in the development of the best analytical microscopes in the world via the UK SuperSTEM project, hosted by Daresbury Laboratory. I am also very interested in educational issues, particularly the education of materials scientists and engineers, and devote a significant fraction of my time to the UK Centre for Materials Education.

    Research Grants
    • Low Energy Loss EELS for materials science.
    • SuperSTEM - the UK aberration-corrected STEM facility.
    • Development and application of aberration-corrected electron microscopy (SuperSTEM).
    • Laboratory Refurbishment Scheme for Nanotechnology.
    • Composites on tour (COMPOTOUR).
    • A Cluster tool for processing III-V semiconductors.
    • Composites on tour - A mobile exhibition.
    • Ultra high resolution composition determination from HREM and STEM images.
    • Secondary ion mass spectroscopy for chemical microscopy.
    • Functionalised advanced materials engineering of hybrids and ceramics (FAME).
    • Unit-cell level assembly of complex oxides - developing a new synthetic method for oxide chemistry.
    Research Collaborations

    Prof A J Craven

    External: University of Glasgow

    Joint investigators for SuperSTEM

    Prof R M Brydson

    External: The University of Leeds

    Joint grant-holders for SuperSTEM

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