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DITANET International Conference: Accelerator Diagnostic Techniques

The DITANET Consortium held a three day international conference on diagnostic techniques for particle accelerators and beam instrumentation in Seville, Spain.  The conference was hosted by CNA and brought together all beneficiary, associated and adjunct partners fromthe consortium. It was also open to participants from the world-wide diagnostics community, in particular to researchers in their early career  stage.  The scientific program of this conference reflected the extremely broad research program that is being carried out by the DITANET partners and covered all essential aspects of state-of-the-art beam diagnostics R&D.  All DITANET fellows were given the opportunity to present their research results in oral presentation. A prize for the best poster was awarded to C. Schömers (HIT, Germany) and for the best talk to J. Egberts (CEA, France).

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