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  • University of Liverpool

    'Design, Construction and Tests of a Full Set of diagnostics for Future Low-energy Storage Rings'
    'Development of a Modified Neutral Beam Scanner'
    'Beam Diagnostics for Medical Accelerators'

  • CEA

    'Development of a Novel Beam Profile Monitor Based on Light Emission from Excited Rest Gas Atoms'
    'Development of Beam Diagnostics for IFMIF Accelerator'

  • CERN

    'Development of Longitudinal Beam Distribution Monitor for LHC'
    'Development of Time-resolved Spectrometry and Emittance Measurements on a High Current Electron Beam'
    'Electro-Optic Techniques for the Measurement of Charged
    Particle Beam Longitudinal Profiles'

  • DESY

    'Resonant Diffraction Radiation from Inclined Targets as a Tool for Bunch Lengths'

  • GSI

    'Tune Measurement and Feedback for Heavy Ion Synchrontrons and Storage Rings at FAIR'
    'Diagnostic Methods for Low Ion Current at the FAIR Storage Rings and Transfer-lines'

  • HIT GmbH

    'Development of Diagnostics Based on Scintillating Screens for Ion Beam Characterization'


    'Development of a Zero Time Detector for Future Particle Accelerators'
    'Development of Dedicated Electronics for the
    Zero Time Detector'

  • Royal Holloway, University of London

    'Simulation of Coherent Diffraction Radiation Process'
    'Development of Beam Position and Tilt Monitors for ITB, CTF3 and CLIC'
    'Development of the ITB and RF Beam Diagnostics for CLIC'

  • Stockholm University

    'Development of Diagnostics fo DESIREE'

  • CNA/University of Seville

    'Implementation of Beam Tracking Detectors for Particle Identification'
    'Use of Secondary Emission Detectors for Beam Tracking'