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Second DITANET Topical Workshop:  Longitudinal Beam Profile Measurements

The exact determination of the time structure of ever shorter bunches in accelerators and light sources like the X-FEL, the ILC or CLIC is of high importance for the successful operation of these next-generation machines. It is also a key to the optimization of existing scientific infrastructures.

The exact measurement of the time structure poses a number of challenges to the beam diagnostics system: The monitors should be non-destructive, easy to maintain and provide time resolutions down to the femto second regime!

The DITANET consortium organized a two day workshop at the Cockcroft Institute, UK on July 12th-13th 2010. The workshop brought together more than 20 experts from the world wide beam diagnostics community to provide a forum for knowledge exchange, a review of the state of the art, and discuss future developments and challenges.

Participants discussed the use of electro-optic techniques, coherent diffraction radiation, streak camera technology and rf deflectors to characterize the longitudinal beam structure in a wide range of particle accelerators, such as the LHC and CTF3, third and fourth generation light sources such as DIAMOND, ANKA and LCLS, as well as the US facilities SPEAR3 and ALS.

All contributions are available via the CERN Indico server via event ID 93401.

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