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Second DITANET School on Complemetary Skills

DITANET organized a Complementary Skills School at the University of Liverpool from 15th-19th March 2010. This course aimed at providing the network’s early stage and experienced researchers with the necessary skills base for a future career in both, the academic and industry sectors.

DITANET School on Complementary Skills - group photograph

After an introduction session, the participants focused on different presentation techniques and discussed best practice as well as common mistakes. They were also introduced to the University and the City of Liverpool on the first school day.

DITANET School on Complementary Skills - project management photograph

Day two started with an introduction to project management, before putting a focus on individual presentations. All participants had to give a 5 minute presentation on their research projects that was recorded and then assessed individually. On Wednesday, the school triggered discussions about the benefits from and challenges in international networking. Representatives from Tech-X UK and Inventya reported on their personal experiences, before a session on time management concluded the morning.

Wednesday afternoon the group toured the Daresbury Laboratory and the Cockcroft Institute and had the opportunity to learn about the institute’s broad research program.

DITANET School on Complementary Skills -pouring photographOn Thursday, time and self management, a session on work/life balance as well as two hours on intellectual property rights and patent law confronted the trainees with a number of important skills and triggered many discussions. Finally, an extended session on scientific writing and a group discussion completed a week that brought together all DITANET trainees and led to many interesting and lively discussions between the trainees as well as the trainers and the management team.

This school was organized by the DITANET Management in close collaboration with a number of professional trainers and the Liverpool.

 Further Information:

School poster - pdf

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