IT Fundamentals for staff

Your computing account

Once you have activated your computing account you will have immediate access to the web based services and resources you need as a member of staff. You will be able to start using your University email account, set up teaching modules in the virtual learning environment (VITAL), update your personal information (TULIP) and explore a wide range of services and resources. All you need is an internet connection - many of our services are available on your mobile.

You will use your username and password to access the Managed Windows Service (MWS) on campus, Apps Anywhere off campus and your University email account. If you have responsibilities in certain areas of the University business (for example Human Resources or Finance) you may need to be given access to certain business systems.

You can install extra applications on your PC using Install University Applications from your MWS desktop. Simple instructions on how to use Install University Applications are available in our self-service portal

By using University IT services, you agree to abide by the by the University of Liverpool IT Acceptable Use Policy.