Project Management Team

The Project Management Team provides support for the execution of projects both within CSD and for the wider University. The team is also responsible for the development of more effective and efficient ways of implementing project management methodologies.

Project Managers will run selected major cross-institutional projects on a day-to-day basis within constraints laid down by the Senior Management Team (SMT) if within CSD or through the Project Board or Steering Group if the project is University led. The team will also provide project management support if required to facilitate the effective management of projects within CSD.

Nick Dods

Senior Project/Programme Manager / 0151 795 5487

Andy Dolben

Project Manager / 0151 794 9499

Andrew Richards

Project Manager / 0151 794 9580

Alison Povall

Project Manager / 0151 794 9907

Jake James

Student Project Manager / 0151 795 7382