Getting started

Apps Anywhere is compatible with most web browsers. You may need to install a plug-in to get started, which will only take a second to do the first time you log in.

Using a web browser

You will be prompted to install Citrix Receiver the first time that you try to log in to Apps Anywhere.

 citrix receiver install

Once the client is installed, you will not be prompted to install it again. If you opt not to install the Citrix Receiver app for some reason, or if you are unable to install it, you can do so at any time by downloading it from the Citrix website.

Using the standalone Citrix Receiver application

You can use the standard web interface for Apps Anywhere or you may opt to use the standalone Citrix Receiver application on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, for a direct, seamless, connection without needing to log in to the Apps Anywhere website.

If you use the web interface, you will be prompted to install a Java plug-in.

If you use the Citrix Receiver application, you will need to install it from Detailed instructions with screenshots are available for Windows PCs and for Apple Mac/iOS. If you are using Linux then you should access Apps Anywhere via the web interface.