Computer Science Student and Staff Member win at the Guild Awards

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A picture of Dr Sebastian Wild (Staff) and Mr James Barber (Student)
Dr Sebastian Wild & James Barber with their awards

Computer Science is beaming with pride as two of its outstanding members, Dr Sebastian Wild and Student James Barber, were honoured with prestigious awards at the recent Liverpool Guild of Students awards ceremony.

Dr Wild received the esteemed "Teacher of the Year – Science & Engineering" award, while James Barber was recognized as the "Course Rep of the Year – Science & Engineering." Their remarkable achievements highlight the dedication and excellence that is central to our department.

Dr Sebastian Wild was overwhelmed with gratitude upon receiving the "Teacher of the Year" award. Known for his passion for teaching and innovative pedagogical techniques, Dr Wild has consistently left a lasting impact on his students.

Dr Wild remarked, "I am deeply honoured to receive this award from the Liverpool Guild of Students. Teaching has always been what kept me going for academia. You can have fun with algorithms elsewhere, but the constant interaction with curious minds, eager for growth and receptive to enthusiasm about the nerdiest corners of computer science is unique to university.  This recognition reaffirms the value of our collective efforts to create a nurturing and engaging environment for our students."

James Barber, a dedicated student and active participant in the Department of Computer Science, emerged victorious in the category of "Course Rep of the Year – Science & Engineering." As a course representative, James has been a strong advocate for student welfare and has consistently voiced his peers' concerns to ensure their needs are met.

Expressing his gratitude, James Barber said, "I am incredibly grateful to have been recognised for the work I’ve done over the last two years alongside a fantastic team of passionate and committed students who regularly volunteer their time to make a tangible difference to the Student Experience. The Department of Computer Science have been very supportive and receptive to our feedback, I am particularly grateful for their support on our new Distinguished Lecture Series. This award is a testament to the collaborative spirit of our department and the difference students can make at the University, I highly encourage anyone interested to join the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) in September or get in touch."

Professor Boris Konev, Head of the Department of Computer Science, commended both Dr Wild and James Barber for their exceptional contributions. He stated, "We are incredibly proud of Sebastian and James for their well-deserved awards. Their accomplishments reflect the dedication, talent, and commitment our department strives to instil in our staff and students. These achievements motivate us to aim higher and keep the Department of Computer Science rocking at the forefront of academic excellence."

The Liverpool Guild of Students awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding individuals who positively impact the university community. Dr Wild and James Barber's success not only reflects their personal achievements but also underscores the collaborative and supportive environment fostered by the Department of Computer Science.

As the news of their accolades spreads across the university, the Department of Computer Science stands united in congratulating Dr Sebastian Wild and James Barber, thanking them for their exceptional contributions, and looking forward to their continued success and accomplishments.


A smiling man in a dark suit with a white shirt holding a glass award and a smiling lady with long hair in a black floral dress

A smiling man in a dark suit with a white shirt holding a glass award