Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Women and Girls in Science

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A significant gender disparity exists across the globe at all levels of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Despite notable progress made by women in advancing their presence in higher education, their representation in these fields remains disproportionately low.

We are celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a series of short articles from our female Fellows. The emphasis of the day lies in recognizing the essential roles of both science and gender equality in fostering innovation and the prosperity of our society.

The experiences of our Fellows demonstrate how easy it can be to dissuade minority groups from pursuing a career in science, but also how much of an impact for change positive role models can make.

The goal of these personal short stories is to highlight such role models within our midst at the Liverpool Centre for Doctoral Training for Innovation in Data Intensive Science (LIV.INNO), to inspire future generations of female scientists.

Dr Joseph Wolfenden, LIV.INNO Equality and Diversity Lead, said: Equitable and inclusive practises are embedded across all aspects of LIV.INNO, and our diverse group of Fellows are a testament to the benefits of these principles. Education and training, in areas such as unconscious bias and gender inequality, enable us to provide a supportive and enriching learning environment to all our Fellows.

It is exciting to help highlight female STEM role models within LIV.INNO, inspire the next generation of scientists, and work towards closing the gender gap.”

Professor Carsten P. Welsch, LIV.INNO Director, said: “Within LIV.INNO we have been active in fascinating more people with our passion for science and discovery. Our CDT members took part in outreach days, organized workshops for primary school children, and participated in events such as the annual Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics and the International Conference on Women in Physics.

We hope that the profiles of our female colleagues will serve as inspiration, encouraging the upcoming generation of girls and women to pursue physics more extensively. Our commitment is towards achieving increased equality of opportunity across all levels of careers in science."

The articles can be found on our dedicated Women in Science 2024 events page.

Although there has been considerable progress in improving the representation of women in science and technology, with an increased presence in senior roles, there is still much work ahead. Our Fellows are among the people who may help us close the gender-gap within our field. 

Our commitment to advancing gender balance persists, and we look forward to sharing our Fellow's stories as a part of the 2024 International Day of Women and Girls in Science #WomenInScience.

Please join us in celebrating their exciting and amazing achievements across the field of data science!

Read their stories: