Registration for Low Energy Antiproton Physics (LEAP) conference now open

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The next International Conference on Exotic Atoms and related topics and Conference on Low Energy Antiprotons (EXA/LEAP 2024) will take place between 26-30 August 2024 in Vienna, Austria. has been announced. The conference will be hosted by the Stefan Meyer Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

This conference will be an opportunity for the low energy antimatter community to come together to discuss topics such as Hadronic Physics with Antiprotons, Physics with Antihydrogen: CPT and Gravity, Exotic hadronic and leptonic atoms, Kaon-nucleus interaction and strangeness in nuclei, Exotic hadrons, Antimatter in the Universe and New Techniques, Instrumentation and Facilities.

Registration for this conference is now open and more details can be found at the conference indico site. Abstract submission is also open and the deadline for abstract submission is 14th April 2024.