Final Report of AVA submitted to the European Commission

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The Berlaymont building, and seat of the European Commission (Image: Pixabay).

The AVA consortium is pleased to announce that it has submitted its final report to the European Commission at the end of April. This submission marked the official end of a hugely successful project that has seen 35 universities, research centers, and leading industry partners, joining forces to train 16 early stage researchers in the field of antimatter research.

The fellows have undertaken a 3 year-long formation plan through beyond state-of-the-art research, and an intensive program of training events. The cross-sector interdisciplinary environment created by AVA, facilitating secondments and collaborations, has boosted the career and employability of the researchers.

AVA Coordinator Professor Carsten P Welsch said: "AVA enabled an interdisciplinary and cross-sector R&D program on antimatter research which has already led to 19 high impact articles in peer-reviewed journals and 23 conference proceedings. The project has realized enormously successful outreach and dissemination activities that had global reach. The project has also expanded the AVA network with new partners, and have helped to raise awareness among the general public in general, and school children in particular, on the challenges of antimatter research."

The over 120 pages-long final report is a comprehensive summary of all the activities and achievements of AVA, including a detailed account of the research carried out by each of the fellows, the list of publications, milestones and deliverables, a description of all the training and management activities organized, dissemination and outreach, as well as the overall impact of the project on science and society.

With the final AVA report submitted this means the end of a chapter, but not the end of the network that has been established. The consortium has decided to continue its communication and dissemination activities which includes the publication of the MIRROR newsletter– please stay in touch by sending us your stories!

We also plan to organize a number of workshops and events for the antimatter and low energy ion communities. And with AVA’s final conference in 2020 being postponed due to the pandemic, the AVA network will try to bring the Fellows together again in the future.


To be continued!