AVA Fellows get their hands ‘dirty’

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Around half of the members of the AVA network are from industry. The network has developed its research and training program involving all consortium members with important input from industry to enhance the employability of Fellows. Several industry partners have kindly agreed to contribute to offer specific training events. Two of these have now been offered as satelite events to the network’s first international School.

Bergoz instrumentation offered a full day of hands-on training in beam diagnostics at their premises in Saint Genis, France on Monday, 1st July 2018. Our Fellows learned about the design of robust electronics that can be operated in an (often harsh) accelerator environment. They soldered a PCB of a WiFi receiver and assessed its performance. This allowed them to learn about the challenges related to beam intensity measurements and electronics integration in accelerators.

They then spent another full day learning about the specific challenges related to cryogenic detector design, electronics and signal processing. This was offered by experts from Stahl Electronics on Tuesday, 2nd July 2018 and helped raise awareness of the particular challenges coming from the integration of high-sensitivity diagnostics in adverse environments.