Photo of Em P Neil Jackson

Em P Neil Jackson Dip Arch, MA, PhD, RIBA, FSA

Charles Reilly Professor of Architecture Architecture


As an architect and an architectural historian, I teach in both the design studio and the lecture theatre/seminar environment. I also supervise dissertations at MArch and PhD level. In the studio, I like to direct students towards smaller-scale or domestic architecture where there is a particular interest in the use and application of materials. In the lecture theatre I teach British, American and Japanese 19th and 20th-century architecture and there I try to make connections, for the student, to what they are doing in the design studio; for I believe that a thorough understanding of architectural history is essential to the successful design of buildings today. In graduate and post-graduate research, at MArch and PhD level, I have supervised students writing on a number of themes which relate to my own research interests and experience. I am in favour good, solid, empirical research and welcome students who are hungry for knowledge and the thrill of discovery.

Modules for 2020-21


Module code: LIFE109

Role: Teaching