John Donnelly (BA Hons Architecture and BArch 1980) spent his year out at YRM in the building now occupied by Jim Eyre's practice. After graduating, he worked with the following London based practices: London Transport Department of Architecture and Design, Ronald Ward and Partners, GMW, Rock Townsend, Terry Farrell and Company (London and Hong Kong), Frederick Gibberd Partnership, ORMS and Avanti. John is currently practising with Llewelyn Davies Weeks working on healthcare and mix development projects. He does a lot of technical design auditing currently and regularly attends the Wren Technical Forum to talk tech. In his spare time, John enjoys painting and sketching.

Dr Paul Ducksbury (BSc Hons Computer Science 1980) left Liverpool and headed down south (with his Liverpudlian sense of humour, sometimes not appreciated!) to work as a software engineer before doing a PhD in numerical optimisation and parallel computing. Paul then headed west to work at GCHQ before settling as a scientist for the Ministry of Defence in Malvern. He worked in advanced image processing, image understanding and AI-based techniques. Paul now lives back up north, having retired to the mountains of Cumbria. 

Dr Julie Hilditch (MBChB 1980) retired two years ago after having a wonderful 31 years as a GP in Aldershot. She has successfully been treated for leukaemia and is now living happily ever after!               

Alan Watson (Master of Education 1980) is a retired secondary headteacher and school's inspector. 

Berna Bridge

Dr Berna Elal Bridge (BEng in Electronic Engineering 1981, pictured above) after her degree as only female (and Turkish) student among 110 male students, she recalls the kindness of her classmates and lecturers and spent three lovely, peaceful years at the University of Liverpool.

Husam ZayedHusam Zayed (BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1981, pictured left) I am the Chief Commercial Officer of a commercial aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility in Amman, Jordan.

Dr Kevin Devine (BSc Hons Chemistry 1982) has been a senior lecturer in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences at London Metropolitan University since February 2008. He obtained a PhD in nucleic acid chemistry from King’s College London in 1989 and then embarked upon a series of postdoctoral roles in the UK, Switzerland, Ireland and the US. Highlights of Kevin’s research career include the co-development of a new class of anti-cancer and anti-viral nucleotide pro-drugs known as ProTides and the development of an analytical protocol for the extraction and identification of organic molecules in Mars soils and other extra-terrestrial samples. 

Tom White

Tom White (BSc Hons Pharmacology 1982, pictured above) spent three years in medical sales after graduation then joined Royal Insurance's graduate training scheme. Tom eventually moved to the City and became a Chartered Insurer. He held senior roles within the world of multinational insurance and in his time, created numerous insurance solutions for some of the largest global corporations. He said that hs has had a truly satisfying career that has taken him to all parts of the globe. After 32 years in the industry, he took the opportunity to retire in 2018. Tom was delighted to be invited to talk on Liverpool's MBA programme on the topic of ‘Competing for Capital.’

Zohreh Abdi DaneshpourProfessor Zohreh Abdi Daneshpour (PhD in Urban and Regional Planning 1983, pictured left) is a professor of Urban and Regional and Planning in the faculty of Architecture and Planning, Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) in Tehran, Iran. She got her Masters of Architecture from Tehran university and her PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, in the Urban and Regional Planning Department (Civic Design Department) at the University of Liverpool in 1983. Since 1983 she has been first an Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor, then full Professor and since 2011 a professor Emeriti of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, SB University. 

Ruth Estevez (BA English and Drama 1983) second book in the Jiddy Vardy trilogy about a female smuggler in 18th century Yorkshire is due out in late 2020. Loosely based on a real life smuggler, Jiddy Vardy - High Tide continues her search for identity, belonging and love. An Historical Adventure set in Robin Hood's Bay, this riveting tale is awash with stormy seas, danger and betrayal. Outsider Jiddy Vardy has a fight on her hands. Published by ZunTold.

Philip Long

Philip Long (BSc Hons Botany 1983, pictured above) currently lives and works in Cincinnati, US for the Procter & Gamble company as the North America Tax Director. Since graduating in 1983, Philip has lived and worked in Poland, China, Switzerland and the US.

Sarah Taylor (née Battye) (BA Hons French 1983) spent four special years in two vibrant cities, Liverpool and Bordeaux, on her year out as a teaching assistant. She met her husband in her final year, on 7 October 1982 at Tuxedo Junction. Following several years working at Mirror Group Newspapers and Paribas, and after having two children, she works in a business which enables organisations to be more sustainable. She is renovating a house in Loire Valley, and continues to enjoy all that France and French life has to offer. 

Dr Michael Anderson (MEd 1984) wanted to thank all staff at the University Department of Education who made his part-time study there so enjoyable and rewarding. He would summarise his career as follows: qualifications at four universities - Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool and Murdoch, and the teaching of Social Work with a specialism in Counseling Ethics at five universities! Michael emigrated happily to Western Australia with his family in 1991 to take charge of the Human Services Department at one of the State Universities, retiring from paid work 10 years ago. During his time in Western Australia, Michael’s wife Helen whom he met as a student at Oxford University, switched from high school teacher to property sales and they now own a significant share of a very successful realty company in the Perth Metro northern suburbs as well as several properties that they rent through our company. They Celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in June 2019. Michael now spends a deal of his leisure time as a competitor in the shot and the discus throw events with Masters Athletics W.A. and as a doting grandfather. He also continues in his support of Liverpool FC!

Ann Clarke (LLB Hons 1984) is a Director at private banking firm Kleinwort Hambros. Ann married Andrew Clarke (LLB Hons 1984) and they returned to Liverpool in October 2019 for a long weekend revisiting old haunts!

Richard Summersell

Dr Richard Summersell (BSc Hons Chemistry 1984, PhD 1988, pictured above) worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a chemist for a couple of years after graduation before retraining as a European patent attorney, qualifying in 1994. Since then, he has worked for large and small companies giving advice on intellectual property issues in Europe, the US and globally. After having a family, he took up climbing and has scaled many major peaks in the Himalayas and South America! 

Leigh ChambersLeigh Chambers (BA Hons English Language & Literature 1985, pictured left) always wanted to write, and after a career in journalism and PR, has finished her first novel which is currently out with publishers. Also writing a guide for Humanists UK on humanism, ritual and non-religious ceremonies (weddings, namings, funerals etc.) and now lives in Cambridge. 

Duncan Currie

Dr Duncan Currie (BSc Hons Pharmacology 1985, pictured left) completed a PhD and postdoctoral work before becoming a regulatory medical writer in the pharmaceutical industry. Duncan now lives in Kent and in June 2019, he made an all too infrequent trip to Liverpool which included a campus tour and a sentimental pint in the AJ. He also visited Carnatic one more time before its demolition, noting that it was poignant to think of all those generations of first years who have called it home over the years; students including his 18-year-old self in 1982 as a fresh-faced resident on the top floor of Morton House C block. 

Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson (LLB Hons 1985) is a UK representative at the Congress of the Council of Europe and led that body’s local government election observation missions to Turkey in 2019 - including the re-run Mayoral election in Istanbul. His report noted the high turnout and the proficiency of the local ballot box committees. However, he also raised serious concerns such as whether there was a level playing field for all parties, threats made to journalists and the evident lack of media plurality. He questioned the separation of power in Turkey, the political pressure applied to Judges and the wide interpretation given of what constitutes terrorism.

Graham Hopwood (BA Hons English Language and Linguistics 1985) lives in Windhoek, Namibia, and is the Executive Director of Namibia’s leading think tank - the Institute for Public Policy Research. Graham has published research on electoral democracy, the functioning of parliament, and the effectiveness of anti-corruption laws and strategies. 

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (MBChB 1985) as been resident in Melbourne for the past 21 years and so is officially of age. He has worked in both public and private practice and now works at two tertiary hospitals as a specialist in addiction medicine and is the current president of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. In his spare time he tries to find mountains to climb- which is a real challenge in a very large and predominantly flat country!

Professor Andrew Pitman (BSc Hons Geography 1985, PhD 1988) is now the Director of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes based at the University of New South Wales. The Centre links multiple research groups across the world to understand and improve our ability to predict climate extremes using the latest high performance supercomputers. 

Gordon Warner (Master of Civic Design 1985) is now living in Clonakilty West Cork, Ireland and is a self-employed planning consultant.

Jane ColeJane Isabel Cole (BA Hons English Literature 1986, pictured left) has written her first novel under the pseudonym of Estelle Kennedy, a fictional romance set in central Liverpool, which is to be published by Novum P.C., and has almost completed a sequel. Now fully recovered from a long illness which lasted a few years, she intends to complete her legal studies with a view to qualifying as a solicitor. She says she could not have studied in a better city. 

Christine Penfold (BA Hons English 1986) went on to complete a postgraduate social work qualification. She worked in Local Authority settings and hospitals until 2004 and has lived in France and Spain and ran a self-catering business for walkers and bird watchers whilst in Spain. Christine now lives in Wales and has been married to Colin since 1988. He is now very frail and looked after in a residential centre. She also takes part in a variety of volunteer community roles.

Jackie Chapman (BSc Pharmacology 1987) worked as a Forensic Investigator for West Mercia Police from 1989 to 2010, based in Worcester. Jackie emigrated to Spain in 2010 now working for a financial magazine based near Malaga.

Dr Patricia (Pat) Diskett (MComm 1987, PHD 1997) has been happily retired since 2013  following a varied career path which included working internationally e.g. for the UN (as UNHCR Health Coordinator for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh, 1992-3) and as an Academic (as Academic leader for an MSc in International Disaster Management at Cranfield University and also as Director of a Centre for Public Health in Humanitarian Assistance, Uppsala University, Sweden, 1999-2003). Latterly, she was able to adapt her skills and work with the NHS and local Councils in Public Health as Assistant Director of Public Health in Gloucestershire then Deputy Bristol of Public Health, Bristol.

Kenneth Yuh Yen Kok  

Professor Kenneth Yuh Yen Kok (MBChB 1987, pictured above) has held positions of Consultant General Surgeon, Medical Superintendent of a  hospital and Medical Director of a cancer hospital. He is currently Professor of Clinical Academia at PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, teaching and fostering the next generation  of doctors. He is still involved in clinical practice as Visiting Consultant Surgeon at a private hospital. 

Dr David Musker (PhD 1988) has completed 30 years service as a Met Police Officer. In September, he was appointed as the Commander Public Order for London.

John Osbourne 

John Osborne FICE (BEng Hons Civil Engineering 1988, pictured above, left) worked for a UK contractor on tunnel projects before joining CERN in Switzerland in 1998. John now manages a team responsible for civil engineering and infrastructure studies for large-scale future physics projects in the Geneva region. He has kept in touch with fellow students from Liverpool, most recently catching up with a fellow lodger at McNair Hall, Colin Greene (BA Hons Economics 1988, pictured above, right) at the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final in Japan. Colin has had an amazing journey in the tech industry, most recently working for Apple for the past 13 years in Japan, Korea and the US. 

Carol Paddon (BSc Hons Biochemistry 1988) worked in various university hospitals involved in research around Britain after graduating until 2009. She stopped to raise a family for a few years and then retrained to teach chemistry and has been doing so for five years now, and has been self-employed for the last three years. She has found it amazing to see the next generation grasp chemistry concepts and perform experiments outside the scope of the national curriculum and has loved the experience. She said that she never thought she would end up teaching her favourite subject and having so much fun doing it when she was in her 20s!

William Thirsk-Gaskill  

Dr William Thirsk-Gaskill (BSc Hons Chemistry 1988, pictured above, left) worked for a year at a chemical plant in Poole, Dorset, before embarking on a PhD at the National Engineering Laboratory near Glasgow, awarded by the University of Leeds. He did a three-year postdoctoral at Leeds and a bit of agency work before joining the IT industry. In November 2019, his debut radio drama, Escape Kit, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. 

Debbie Eden (LLB Hons 1989) started work as a Trainee Legal Adviser at Southport Magistrates Court after graduation. She studied for the Bar part-time whilst working and completed the Bar Exams & was called to the Bar (Middle Temple) in 1991. She continue to work as an employed barrister for the Ministry of justice as a Legal Adviser at Liverpool Magistrates' Court based in the QE 2 Law Courts in Liverpool city centre. Debbie is married with a son aged 17.

Barbara Fairs (née Arnold) (BA Hons Archaeology of the eastern Mediaterranean 1989) has just completed her 13th year as Business Manager for MySight York, a local charity which provides services and support for blind and partially sighted people. She works with amazing people and although it isn't where she thought she would end up after completing her degree, it is the most rewarding job she have ever had.

Mike Hughes (BA Hons Political Theory and Institutions 1989) embarked on a career as a journalist with the BBC after graduation, initially as a news reporter before moving into sports journalism and football commentating. Mike covers Liverpool and Everton matches for BBC Radio Merseyside and has been fortunate enough to travel around Europe commentating on many high-profile matches, including Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup finals. He has also written, produced and presented a number of football documentaries. Mike often wonders what happened to the rest of his year group and of the Politics department football team of which he was captain.

Chi Fan Leung (BEd Hons 1989) was happy to have a reunion dinner on 15 July 2019 to celebrate her 30th Anniversary.

Des Peck (BEng Electronics 1989) stumbled out of university and into oil exploration and was sent around the world to blow up things throughout various countries. After realising that he really needed to get a ‘proper job’ he then did a master’s in Telecoms and landed in the Telecoms sector just as the boom hit. He then rode the expansion wave into Financial Services Technology (FinTech) and has been working (despite or possibly because of various takeovers) in a range of roles and companies in the FinTech sector. He now acts as an advisor to a range of FinTech firms.