Prune: Software for pruning the horseshoe

This program is used for investigating pruning fronts in Smale's horseshoe: some of the mathematical background can be found in the survey paper "How to prune a horseshoe", by A. de Carvalho and T. Hall. The program is available as a Windows executable only. Click  here to download it (700K).

Instructions for use can be found  here.  This manual is a single html file, so that you can download it and refer to it offline. If you want to work through the examples at the end of the manual (a very good way to familiarize yourself with the program's features) offline, you should also download the files  ex11.jpg, ex12.jpg,  ex13.jpg, ex14.jpg,  ex21.jpg, ex22.jpg,  ex23.jpg, ex24.jpg,  ex25.jpg, and  ex26.jpg.