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Immunological responses to natural infections

Mathematical modelling
Modelling Salmonella infection in cattle

Space-time analysis
Spatial and temporal patterns in Salmonella

Literature review
Systematic review of Salmonella literature

The project leaders
Project leader Professor Roger Bowers and joint contractors Professor Nigel French and Dr Damian Clancy.
Understanding the dynamics of endemic and epidemic Salmonella infections in cattle:
A comparative modelling approach


Understand the processes that lead to the varying epidemiological patterns of endemic and epidemic strains of Salmonella in livestock populations

Identify immunological tests that can be used to assess the roleof cell mediated and humoral immunity in determining the dynamic behaviour of Salmonella infections in livestock


The purpose of the study was to increase understanding of why Salmonella infections in animals and man display so much variation in their epidemiological patterns. Unlike many of the endemically persistent Salmonella strains, the recent epidemic of Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 demonstrated clearly how a new strain can emerge, disseminate widely in a major epidemic before declining without any obvious intervention. These epidemics have substantial implications for human and animal health, particularly when they are associated with multiple antibiotic resistance. An understanding of why these strains emerge and decline so rapidly could provide the key to predicting the long-term behaviour of Salmonella infections in livestock and man and assist in the development of more effective control strategies.

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