Testing for covarion evolution

Testing for covarion-like evolution in protein sequences Wang, H.-C., Spencer, M., Susko, E. and Roger, A.J. (2007). Molecular Biology and Evolution 24: 294-305 (the authoritative version is here).


seq-gen-aminocov Tar archive of C code for simulating the Tuffley and Steel (1998)/Huelsenbeck (2002) and Galtier (2001) covarion models of nucleotide and amino acid evolution.

Version 1.3, 17/11/11. Lars Jermiin fixed an error in setState (evolve.c) that could result in array overflow, added the MtArt model, and made minor cosmetic changes.

Version 1.2, 15/05/08. Bug fix: hidden states were printed wrongly using the -wh option when there were multiple partitions (the states were still used correctly in the simulation). Thanks to Liat Shavit-Grievink for reporting this. Also fixed some inherited memory leaks and compiler warnings.

New in version 1.1: a general model of which the Huelsenbeck and Galtier models are special cases. Based on seq-gen-cov by Cécile Ané (the Tuffley and Steel/Huelsenbeck model for nucleotides: Ané et al 2005) and seq-gen by Andrew Rambaut and Nick Grassly (non-covarion models for nucleotides and amino acids: Rambaut and Grassly 1997). See readme.txt for details.

stochmap1.0.tar.gz Software for using stochastic mapping to detect deviations of data from covarion (and other evolutionary) models.


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