Dynamics of community composition

This page links to the outputs of NERC grant NE/K00297X/1 ("dynamics of community composition"). The aims of this project are to develop new methods for measuring change in communities, and to develop statistical models for change in coral reefs and forests.


Allen et al. (2016). Among-site variability in the stochastic dynamics of East African coral reefs. Submitted (the link is to the latest version on arxiv). Also has code.
Borrelli et al. (2015). Selection on stability across ecosystem scales. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 30:417-425.
Cooper et al. (2015). Stochastic dynamics of a warmer Great Barrier Reef. Ecology 96:1802-1811. Also has code.
Spencer, M. (2015). Size change, shape change and the growth space of a community. Journal of Theoretical Biology 369:23-41. Also has code.


RAMAS Community. Web application and R package implementing the methods for measuring change in community composition described in Spencer (2015). The web application adds interactive visualization of results, and can deal with uncertainty using interval arithmetic, approximate confidence intervals based on sampling models, or user-supplied Monte Carlo estimates.