River Alt moorings

Access is east of C14 red buoy crossing the training wall and then the channel runs NW of, and parallel to, two fixed marks (red basket on pole; then yellow cross on pole) showing a pipeline or training wall. A spherical red and green buoy next mark the start of the channel, and metal perches with red or green triangular topmarks show the channel thereafter. The channel is quite narrow with several sharp turns and the forest of poles can be a bit confusing. Access near HW on a tide of 8m or more for shoal draft vessels.

2012 Google Earth view of the narrow inshore part of the channel near the pipeline here

Images at LW in 2012 of channel from shore: View 1 , View 2 and View 3 .

Obtain local knowledge to confirm details (above info 2012, 2016; tested by me as far as entrance to the channel by the shore: I find depths of 5m above CD).
See my depth tracks: Outer; Inner .
  Best of all, inspect the channel at LW from the shore.

Alt: Blundellsands SC info.

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