Cubbin's Green (Wirral Way): Animals

Since there is a lot of dog walking on Cubbin's Green, any wild animals keep out of sight most of the day. There are rabbits , another - I have seen as many as 4 at a time while walking quietly around. They seem to retreat into tunnels among the brambles for protection.

Our garden is separated from the Wirral Way (near Cubbin's Green) by a wire fence that has space for animals to crawl under (video of fox; video of mouse). There are animal trackways among the undergrowth throughout Cubbin's Green. In our garden we have seen rabbit, fox, hedgehog and squirrel: these all will commute back into Cubbin's Green. Bats fly around in the evening. I have also seen frogs ( image).
There are presumably mice, rats and stoats in Cubbin's Green but I have only ever seen one dead rat.

Cubbin's Green is a good spot for bird watchers: the seats overlook the Dee estuary and have a good view (eg curlew; little egret). I am not an expert birder - but I like to see the kestrels patrolling the cliff face and I have seen/heard a great spotted woodpecker occasionally.
Seals can occasionally be seen inshore at high water. The rocks exposed on the beach as the tide falls have shore crabs hiding under them. Fishermen sometimes cast from the rocks at high water.

A well as butterflies some other insect images:
dragon fly, more, more, more, dragon fly(Common Hawker), Common Hawker.
moth; moth; moth; moth; Angle Shade moth; Garden Carpet Moth.
Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar feeding on Ragwort.
wasp nest.

Seen on open ground near cliff top:
Brown-lipped banded snail ( rumpty?).
White-lipped banded snail ( another view).
Garden snail and brown-lipped banded snail confrontation.

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