Cubbin's Green (Wirral Way): Butterfies

Cubbin's Green and the area of the Wirral Way adjacent to it has several different types of land: sea-facing cliff; grassland on cliff top; shrubs; woods; hedgerows.

Here I record my sightings of butterflies.
  The guide to the Wirral Way mentions 10 butterfly species as present. Recent reports suggest that the Dingy Skipper (not to be confused with the Dinghy Skipper seen during yacht races) and White-letter Hairstreak have also been seen on the Wirral Way. A 2006 survey also mentions sightings of the Wall butterfly.
  For a list of records of sightings in Cheshire to 2006 see here.

I am not an expert on butterflies: I rely on guides such as Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by J Thomas and R Lewington.

This is a list of 16 butterflies I have seen in the area - with my photos (not always very good images). Also largest number of that species seen on one walk around the area (with month).

The most often seen are Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Speckled Wood.

On the seaside grassland, only Common Blue, Gatekeeper, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted lady, Meadow Brown, Grayling, Small White and Large White have been seen.

Thanks to Dr Nick Michael for help in identification.

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