Photo of Dr Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona

Dr Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona Ph.D

Reader in Medical Statistics Biostatistics


    Personal Statement

    My main interest is in statistical methodologies on Joint Modelling of longitudinal biomarker measurements with survival outcomes.

    Often in health research patients are followed-up over time to monitor the progression of a disease as it develops using some biomarkers. The joint models investigate how the patterns over time in biomarkers relate to prognosis for the patient, and in particular to the timing of clinically significant events. They can be used both to assess the value of different treatments intended to reduce the overall hazard of a clinical event of the population at risk, and to make prognostic forecasts of clinical events so as to identify individuals who are at relatively high risk of experiencing adverse events.

    Biomarker-Guided Clinical Trials with Design, Analysis & Interpretation is an another research area that I have recently been interested in, and currently involved in projects funded by the MRC North West Hub for Trial Methodology Research.

    Most of my research is motivated by applications in public, clinical and biomedical disciplines and ultimately helped improving health outcomes for people.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Modelling variable dropout with longitudinal outcomes (Invitation to Speak, Department of Mathematics and Applications, Minho University – Azurém, Portugal. 2017)
    • JoineR Workshop (Invitation to Speak, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research, Alberta Health Services 2017)
    • Prospective accuracy for longitudinal biomarkers: A joint modelling approach (Invitation to Speak, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary, Canada. 2017)
    • Evalating the efficacy of longitudinal biomarker for clinical endpoint. (Invitation to Speak, European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics 2017)
    • Modelling variable dropout in RCTs with longitudinal outcomes (Invitation to Speak, RSS Merseyside Local Group, Liverpool, UK. 2016)
    • Investigating the effect of drug titration on the relative effects of AEDs on treatment failure; Issues in Joint Modelling. (Invitation to Speak, Centre for Biostatistics, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. 2015)
    • Modelling the association between diabetes onset and familial pancreatic cancer risk allowing for the competing risks of surgical resection (Invitation to Speak, Diabetes and Cancer Research Consortium (DCRC) 6th Workshop, Manchester, UK. 2015)
    • Joint modelling of longitudinal measurements and competing risks survival data (Invitation to Speak, Royal Statistical Society General Application Section, London, UK. 2013)
    • Joint modelling of longitudinal and competing risks data (Invitation to Speak, European Meeting of Statisticians, Budapest, Hungary. 2013)
    • A joint modelling approach to determine the predictive accuracy of a longitudinal biomarker (Invitation to Speak, RSS Medical Secion Scientific Meeting, London, UK. 2012)
    • Joint modelling of longitudinal and competing risks data (Invitation to Speak, RSS Medical Section, RSS, London, UK. 2011)
    • Joint modelling of longitudinal and competing risks data (Invitation to Speak, International Biometric Society Channel Network, Bordeaux, France. 2011)
    • Competing risks in anti-epileptic drug trials (Invitation to Speak, Joint Meeting of International Biometric Society & Royal Statistical Society Medical Section, London, UK. 2008)
    • Joint modelling of Longitudinal and Survival outcomes (Invitation to Speak, RSS Merseyside Local Group, Liverpool, UK. 2007)

    Administrative Roles

    • Deputy Director for the Master of Clinical Research (Online)
    • Coordinator for the Joint modelling (JoineR) workshops

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