Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

ZZ (DO NOT USE) was Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Not ISMIB - Professional Services Staff

Fitzgerald, Miss Amanda 
French, Miss Stephanie Research Technician   0151 795 5404  
Nkhoma, Miss Gloria Clerical  0151 529 5463  
Norton, Miss Aine    
Pollock, Mr Steven Study Coordinator  0151 795 8932 
Rajasingam, Mr Arjunan Research Technician    

Not ISMIB - PhD/MD Students

Abbood, Mrs Luhaib PhD Student (Graeme Sills) 
Abutaima, Miss Rana PhD Student (Andrew Owen)  0151 794 5565 
Aghahowa, Mr Sylvester Visiting Research Student (Pirmohamed) 
Ahmed Mohamed, Miss Doaa PhD Student  0151 794 5565 
Akingbasote, Mr J PhD Student   
Alhaidari, Mr Mohammad PhD Student 
Alhilali, Mrs Khetam PhD Student (Jean Sathish) 
Alhumeed, Mr Naif PhD Student 
Al-Mosawi, Mr Reyadh PhD Student (Graeme Sills) 
Al-Naher, Dr Ahmed PhD (Pirmohamed) 
Alqahtani, Mr Taha 
Alrumayh, Mr Ahmed PhD Student (M Cross) 
Alzahrani, Mr A PhD Student (Dean Naisbitt)   
Arasti Rezola, Miss Maria del Carmen PhD - Sudeep Pushpakom 
Auce, Dr Pauls Clinical Research Fellow/PhD Student - (Graeme Sills)   
Ball, Miss Amy PhD - Amy Chadwick 
Billingsley, Miss Kimberley PhD student - John Quinn 
Bowden, Mr David MD student (Dale Vimalachandran) 
Bu, Mr Fan PhD Student 
Bunglawala, Miss Fazila PhD Student  0151 794 5565 
Chahil, Miss Abigail PhD Student (Kevin Park) 
Chan, Miss Christina PhD Student  0151 794 5565  
Clarke, Ms Joanna PhD Student 
Cottura, Mr Nicolas PhD Student  0151 794 5565 
David, Mr C PhD Student  0151 794 5565  
Douglas, Mr Oisin PhD Student 
Eakins, Dr Rowena PhD Student   
Elmasry, Mr Mohamed MD student (N Kitteringham) 
Elliot, Dr Emilie PhD student (offsite St Stephens' AIDS Trust) - Andrew Owen 
Evans, Mr Jonathan PhD Student 
Fellows, Mr Michael PhD Student 
French, Miss Stephanie PhD - Munir Pirmohamed 
Ghattaoraya, Mr Gurpreet PhD Student 
Gianfrancesco, Miss Olympia PhD Student (J. Quinn) 
Gini, Dr Joshua PhD Student (Saye Khoo)  0151 706 4076 
Granana Castillo, Miss Sandra PhD Student  0151 794 5565 
Green, Mr Lewis PhD Student  0151 795 5383 
Greensmith, Mr Richard PhD Student 
Gurjar, Mr Rohan PhD Student  0151 794 5565 
Hornby, Mr R Student   
Howell, Mr Lawrence PhD Student - Chris Goldring 
Ismail, Mr Mohd Ikhwan PhD Student (M. Pirmohamed) 
Iyinbor, Miss Benedicta PhD Student   
Jackson, Mr Akil PhD Student 
Johnson, Ms Selina PhD Student (Andreaw Goebel) 
Jones, Miss Samantha PhD Student - Ana Alfirevic 
Keadsanti, Miss Sujitra PhD Student - (David MacEwan) 
Kelly, Dr Christine PhD   
Kinvig, Miss Hannah PhD Student (Dr Marco Siccardi)  0151 794 5565 
Kyffin, Mr Jonathan Visiting Research Student (Sharma)   
Leek, Miss Nicola 
Lestner, Dr Jodi PhD student (offsite USA) - William Hope 
Burton, Miss Leanne PhD Student (Marson) 
Märken, Miss Melanie PhD Student 
Martin, Mr Antony PhD Student - Munir Pirmohamed 
Monroy Arreola, Miss Alejandra VRS - Dean Naisbitt 
Mutter, Miss Fiona PhD Student (Ian Copple) 
Nakamura, Ms Carina PhD Student (Fabio Miyajima) – Science without Borders  0151 795 5383 
Neary, Ms M PhD student (Andrew Owen)  0151 794 5565  
Nwikue, Mr Gospel PhD student - (Pirmohamed/Carr) 
Olagunju, Mr A PhD Student  0151 794 5565  
Penrose, Mr Alex PhD Student (Munir Pirmohamed) 
Pessoa, Mrs Veridiana PhD student (J. Quinn) 
Powell, Dr Graham Medical Research Council Clinical Training Fellow 
Pridgeon, Mr Chris PhD - Chris Goldring 
Ramsey, Mr Simeon Off site PhD Student (USA) - (Dave MacEwan) 
Rollinson, Miss Victoria 
Sadiq, Dr Soban PhD Student (Sudeep Pushpakom) 
Sanchez Pascua, Ms T PhD Student  0151 794 5919  
Sarr Sallah, Dr Mariama PhD student 
Seden, Mr Kay PhD student (S Khoo)  0151 794 5553  
Sensi, Miss Serena P/T PhD Student - Andreas Goebel 
Shah, Mr Niraj PhD Student 
Srikandarajah, Mr Nisaharan PhD Student (Marson) 
Swale, Mr Andrew PhD Student  0151 795 5394 
Tailor, Mr Arun PhD Student (Kevin Park)   
Tamuno, Mr I PhD Student  0151 794 5565  
Thomson, Mr Paul PhD Student (Dean Naisbitt) 
Tidbury, Miss Louise PhD Student  0151 794 5565 
Turkistani, Dr Areej PhD Student - (Steve Webb) 
Waddington, Mr James PhD - Kevin Park 
Watkinson, Mr Joel PhD Student - Dean Naisbitt 
Watson, Ms V PhD Student  0151 706 4045  
Williamson, Ms B PhD Student  0151 794 5565  
Ziso, Miss Besa MPhil Student - Tony Marson 

NOT ISMIB - Academic Staff

Rainbow, Dr Richard Senior Lecturer 
Sharma, Dr Parveen Senior Lecturer  0151 795 0149 
McWilliam, Dr Steve NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology 
Nixon, Dr Gemma Lecturer  0151 794 3496 
Muller-Myhsok, Professor Bertram Professor 
Goebel, Dr Andreas Reader  0151 529 5820 
Olsson-Brown, Dr Anna Research Fellow 
Kanhere, Dr Aditi Senior Lecturer  0151 795 1292 
Varadarajan, Dr Shankar Lecturer  0151 795 4011 
Yip, Dr Vincent Clinical Research Fellow/PhD Student  0151 795 5407 
Anyfantis, Dr Georgios Core Laboratory Support Technician 
Abbott, Miss Celeste Trial Coordinator Assistant  0151 529 5463  
Al-Najjar, Miss Nadia Data Manager 
Hill, Mrs Maria NWE MRC Fellowship Scheme in CPT, Programme Coordinator   0151 795 5403 
Pamplin, Ms Chelsea Research Administrator  0151 795 8934 
Doce Carracedo, Miss Alejandra Research Technician - MRC Programme (Clostridium difficile)  0151 795 7570