Dr Melissa Gladstone MBChB, BSc, MRCP, MRCPCH, MD, DipND

Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Neurodisability Women's and Children's Health


    Personal Statement

    My focus is in creating tools to assess children with developmental disorders and disabilities as well as in improving low cost interventions and outcomes for children with neurodevelopmental disorders in low income settings. I am driven to change the focus in international child health from child survival to child thrival and child and family well being for all children and families. My research aims to understand what interventions can make a difference to children with neurodevelopmental disorders and how we can measure these changes effectively using culturally appropriate and relevant measures in low income settings.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Effects and underlying mechanisms of environmental deprivation on neurological development (Invitation to Speak, REVAL Rehabilitation Research Center, Hasselt, Belgium 2012)
    • Royal College of Paediatrics David Harvey Award (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 2011)
    • Paul Polani Prize (Prize, British Academy Childhood Disability 2011)
    • Post neonatal outcomes of premature infants in Malawi (Invitation to Speak, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 2011)
    • Assessment of child development in rural Africa – perspectives from carers and professionals (Invitation to Speak, University of Bristol School of Social and Community Medicine 2011)
    • Heinz Travelling Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 2004)
    • Mental Health Foundation National Essay Prize in Psychiatry (Mental Health Foundation 1994)
    • Elective Prize (The Medical and Dental Students Defence Union 1993)
    • Elective Prize (Scottish Eastern Medical Women's Foundation 1993)

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