Prof Ross Sibson PhD, BSc

Professor Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Personal Statement

    I have been the Director of Research for the J.K.Douglas Laboratories of the Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust since late 2005. Previously I had broad experience in the public and private biotechnology sectors, including Unilever Research, Amersham International plc (now GE Healthcare) and Glaxo Research and Development Limited (now SKB.
    Between 1990 and 1994 I worked at the Medical Research Council with Dr. Tony Vickers and Nobel Laureate Professor Sydney Brenner setting up the UK Human Genome Mapping Project during its formative years at Northwick Park before it transferred to the Sanger Institute. I was the Biological Manager working opposite Computing Manager, Martin Bishop. The UK HGMP was a distributed exercise involving co-operation and collaboration across the British Isles and Europe. I was the Co-ordinator for The EU Framework 3 Programme cDNA consortium involving teams from the UK, Germany, France and Italy. This was an exciting and controversial time. The maverick Craig Venter had filed patents for human genes en masse and I had the responsibility for drafting the defensive patents based on the cDNA collection of the UK.
    In February 2007 we transferred the Clatterbridge Group to the School of Cancer Studies at the University of Liverpool as part of the regional initiative to integrate cancer research. Our focus is the molecular genetic changes that are associated with the development of cancers and treatment outcome. We work closely with local cancer clinicians, especially as part of the Cancer Centre. The main cancer types studied are pancreatic, head and neck and CLL. Particular emphasis includes pre clinical development and integrated high content genomic analysis including microarrays and Next Generation Sequerncing.

    Other Personal Distinctions

    • Invited Speaker (American Head and Neck Society, 2010)