Em P Chris Foster MD, PhD, DSc, FASCP, FRCPath

Professor (Clin,Hcc) Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Prizes or Honours

    • Chairman of IBCs 8th Conference on Pathology Services - 2007 (IBC Life Sciences, 2007)
    • Medical Representative to House of Lords Commmittee on Gulf War Syndrome (House of Lords, 2007)
    • Representative of Pathology Workforce (UK) to Parliamentary Health Committee (House of Commons Health Select Committee, 2007)
    • Chairman of IBC Life Science Conference - 2006 (IBC Life Sciences, 2006)
    • DSc (University of London, 2002)
    • FASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 2001)
    • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Pre-Clinical Research Award (Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, 1996)
    • FRCPath (Royal College of Pathologists, 1995)
    • Becton Dickinson Travel Scholarship (Royal College of Pathologists, 1989)
    • MD (University of Pennsylvania, USA, 1987)
    • MRCPath (Royal College of Pathologists, 1984)
    • PhD (University of London, 1983)
    • Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship (InUniversity of Gottingen, West Germany, 1977)
    • LRCP MRCS MB BS (University of London, 1973)
    • Elected Membership of the Undersea Medical Society (Undersea Medical Society, USA, 1970)
    • BSc (University of London, 1970)