Prof Carrol Gamble BSc PhD

Professor of Medical Statistics Biostatistics


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Pilot-Education and training for recruiters to randomised trials
    • Extending ORRCA to create a central resource for retention research within clinical trials (ORRCA 2)
    • COPE The Carboprost or Oxytocin Postpartum haemorrhage Effectiveness Study
    • MIROR Methods in research on research
    • From evidence to guidance on patient recruitment to clinical research in intensive care units.
    • Methods for Patient and Public Involvement in Clinical Trials: A Research Priority and Agenda Setting Exercise.
    • TOPS: Timing of Primary Surgery for Cleft Palate (renewal)
    • The TRECA study: TRials Engagement in Children and Adolescents
    • How does treatment with thyroxine for 6 weeks postnatally given to preterm infants born under 28 weeks gestation affect the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axix, somatic growth, meylination of white matter and the volumes of key brain structures? An exploratory randomised double blinded placebo controlled clinical trial
    • Development of an interactive website for outcome reporting bias research
    • Radiation versus observation following surgical resection of Atypical Meningioma: a randomised controlled trial (The ROAM trial).
    • ORBIT II: Outcome Reporting Bias In Trials
    • SLEEPS: Safety profiLe, Efficacy and Equivalence in Paediatric intensive care Sedation: A Comparison of Clonidine and Midazolam
    • Understanding the process and impact of within-study selective reporting bias.
    • Duration of intravenous antibiotic therapy for children with acute osteomyelitis or septic arthritis: a feasibility study
    • Evaluation of Corticosteroid therapy in Childhood Severe Sepsis- a randomised pilot study
    • North West Hub for Trial Methodology Research (NWHTMR)
    • PREVAIL-Preventing infection using antibiotic impregnated long lines
    • StePS study
    • A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of intravenous levetiracetam versus intravenous phenytoin in terminating acute, prolonged tonic-clonic seizures including convulsive status epilepticus in children, the 'EcLIPSE' Study: Emergency treatment with Levetiracetam or Phenytoin in Status Epilepticus
    • Losing the losses: understanding the reasons for attrition in randomised trials and developing the evidence to prevent it
    • Onabotulinium toxin-A versus extended release tolterodine in the management of idiopathic overactive bladder in children: A pilot randomised controlled trial OVERT
    • Healing Foundation Clinical Trials Unit
    • Establishing a database of statistical expertise to support clinical trial oversight committees and develop capacity
    • TP 165 feasilbility study of enhanced relapse prevention by key workers for people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
    • The British Antibiotic and Silver Impregnated Catheters for ventriculoperitoneal Shunts multi-centre randomised controlled trial (The BASICS trial)
    • Training key workers to offer enhanced relapse prevention to people with bipolar disorder and their relatives within an NHS setting.
    • Trial steering committees for randomised controlled trials: Updating and redeveloping guidance and terms of reference, informed by current practice and experience
    • Clinical trial monitoring: establishing best UK practice?
    • MOMENT The management of otitis media with effusion (OME) in children with cleft palate
    • Development of guidance for statistical analysis plans for clinical trials
    • Consolidating guidelines for the prevention, detection and appraisal of reporting biases in clinical trials
    • Medicines for Children Research Network Clinical Trials Unit
    • Development of a central resource for research in recruitment in clinical trials
    • Use of the electronic health record in the design and conduct of clinical trials
    Research Collaborations

    Health Research Board Trials Methodology Research Network in Ireland


    Health Research Board Trials Methodology Research Network in Ireland, – adding value to areas of common scientific interest and training;

    MRC Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP)


    The TMRP brings together a number of networks, institutions and partners working in trials and trials methodology research.The TMRP builds on the achievements of the MRC Hubs for Trials Methodology Research Network to make continued progress in advancing trial methodology, developing capacity and further reducing research waste.