Dr Arthur Sun Myint F.R.C.P (Edin);F.R.C.P (London);F.F.R.C.S; F.R.C.R; F.I.C.S

Lead Clinician (Papillon) Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Personal Statement

I graduated from IM (2) Yangon, Burma in 1972. I was appointed as a Clinical scientist for MRC Neutron trial project in 1983 and chaired the colorectal sub-group for neutron trials until 1995. I was the chair of TSG in Gastrointestinal malignancies at Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology (1998-2012) where I worked as a consultant for over 30 years. My main research interest is in the treatment of rectal cancers. I introduced contact radiotherapy (Papillon) into the UK and started treating patients at Clatterbridge from 1993. So far, I have treated nearly 2000 patients using Papillon technique which is the world largest cohort of patients. I helped design a new contact radiotherapy machine together with his mentor Prof Jean Pierre Gerard in collaboration with Ariane Company. I am the director of Papillon course at Clatterbridge (2010-present).

I was appointed specialist advisor for NICE for rectal brachytherapy and helped write the guide lines published in Dec 2006 and Sept 2015 . I was reappointed as a specialist adviser for NICE in March 2019 to evaluate the role of CXB in advanced rectal cancer. I was a member of NCRI rectal and anal sub group committees (1995-2012). I have published over 80 peer reviewed publications and an author of 8 text book chapters. I was the guest editor for special issues of Clinical Oncology (Vol.19: No 9; Nov, 2007) and Colorectal Disease (Vol 12: Supp 2:2010) on radiotherapy for early rectal cancer and advanced rectal cancer.
I served as the oncology representative on the Council of Association of Coloproctology from 2006-2009. I was elected on the faculty (2006-2009) then served on the Council of the Royal College of Radiologists (2009-2012). In May 2011, I was appointed by GEC-ESTRO committee to chair the brachytherapy group for rectal and anal cancers. I was elected as the President of International Contact Radiotherapy Society (ICONE) in May 2013 and served until May 2018. I am the Lead clinician of Papillon Unit at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre which opened in June 2013. I was appointed as an expert adviser on radiotherapy with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) imPACT (Integrated Mission for Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy) mission to Myanmar in November 2015 and December 2016. In recognition of my contributions to medicine and oncology I was awarded an Honorary Professor by the University of Liverpool in Dec, 2012. I was appointed by H.E. Minister of Health &Sports Dr Myint Htwe as his special adviser for oncology in Myanmar from July 2017.