The newest additions to the CPI are the Molecubes PET, SPECT, and CT systems.

These systems are three independent “cubes”.  The β-cube is a high sensitivity PET system with a sub-millimetre resolution, which can provide PET scans of the whole body of a mouse in a single imaging frame and rats in a number of frames. 

The ɣ-cube is a high resolution, high sensitivity collimator based SPECT system.

Finally the x-cube is a high throughput µCT scanner which is used to acquire anatomical images to co-register with PET and SPECT data.

All cubes are compatible with the same heated animal beds, which monitor the animal’s vital signs, and ensure the animals remain in a consistent position during imaging in each of the cubes enabling easy and accurate co-registration of the images.

Currently active project:

  • Measurement of tumour progression

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