Optoacoustic Imaging

The multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) inVision system (iThera) is an optoacoustic imaging system for suitable for mice, small rats, and non-biological samples/phantoms. The system acquires high-resolution cross-sectional images in real time. Both endogenous and exogenous molecules, which absorb light in the near infrared range, can be resolved using the MSOT system. These molecules or contrast agents can be visualised and quantified throughout the whole animal.

Currently active projects:

  • Measurement of kidney function
  • Measurement of liver function
  • Measurement of tumour oxygenation
  • Measurement of tumour vascularisation
  • Tracking of gold nanorod labelled cells


Distribution of gold nano-rods labelled macrophages in a liver by MSOT

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