Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy

The Centre has a high-resolution 9.4 T Bruker Biospec 94/20 USR horizontal bore MR imaging scanner. It is specifically geared for small animal imaging and spectroscopy studies as well for high-resolution imaging of ex vivo and non-biological samples. Besides 1H MRI and MRS, the scanner can also be used for observing other nuclei such as 13C, 31P, 23Na, and 19F.

Currently active projects:

  • High resolution MR microscopy for MR phenotyping of genetic models;
  • In vivo cell tracking for assessing the safety and efficacy of cell therapies;
  • Non-invasive measurement of blood flow in kidneys, brain and tumours;
  • Measuring tissue metabolism in vivo (MR spectroscopy, chemical shift imaging) in liver and brain tumours;
  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in brain tumours and tissue phenotyping;
  • Cardiac imaging;
  • MR relaxometry using T1, T2 mapping for contrast agent characterization.

High-resolution three-dimensional image of a brain

Three-dimensional image of a kidney showing stem cells as dark spots

Short-axis view of the motion of a heart over one cardiac cycle

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