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Public Engagement and Involvement

Science is everywhere! And effects everyone! This is why we believe in ensuring the public are encouraged to not only engage and influence the research we do, but to also to gain a greater understanding of what research is and what it involves as well as an awareness of some of the topics being investigated.

Get involved

Our Institute welcomes all staff and students to participate in a number of different types of public engagement and public involvement activities.

These activities include:

  • Lab tours for school children or charity donors allowing them a glimpse into what it is like to be a researcher
  • Giving talks in schools across Merseyside to encourage children to consider science research as a career
  • Talks and activities highlighting the many women and different careers they do within the Institute
  • 'Meet the Scientists' events which are family friendly events at the World Museum
  • Taking hands on activities to festivals across the country
  • Working with local communities to develop better engagement activities
  • Raising awareness about cancer in the areas most effected
  • Using focus groups, who are often patients or careers of a particular disease, to help influence and drive research.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about the activities and events we do or would like to organise or be part of an event please contact Dr Jenna Kenyani, Public Engagement Officer for the Institute of Translational Medicine. 

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